E-Mail Ques. Mother Plant -- Blue vs.Red Light T5HO

Howdy Doc;
I just got a new tent from HTGSupply.com. 48x24-48. I'm using a T-5 light. I have 2 blue & red blubs. It worked great before I got the tent. Now should I use 4 blue/WHITE in the tent…? I am going to use this as a mother’s tent for clones. Thanks for your time.
p.s. The last Q worked out well..

--You should use all blue/white, since that light will promote vegetative growth. I don't think the mixture of red and blue will be BAD for the mother or clones, but blue light does promote vegetative growth, and short internode lengths. So, my advice is use the blue bulbs over the red.

If you are looking to make a lot of clones you could keep one or two mothers in a tent and set up a clone shelf like I will describe in Aug 2009.

Good Growing
Dr. E. R. Myers

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