If you use hormone solution

Gel’s hormone’s like the one that came with my cloning kit are better supposedly because they stick to the stem better. I have had great success with get and liquid forms of hormones. With a liquid hormone you can soak the stems in the hormone solution for a minute before putting them in the cutting medium. I have found that using plant hormones does increase cloning success, especially products that contain vitamin B-1.
All hormones works on a cellular level. This means you want the hormone to come in contact with the cells that will form into roots. For most plants this is at the base of the stem where the cut occurred or where leaves were removed from a node. Make sure you get the rooting compound on these areas of your cutting before putting it into the medium. Make sure these areas are submerged INTO the growing medium, they need to be moist and away from light at all times.
Good Growing,
Dr. E. R. Myers

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