As you know a great light source and a good fertilizer high in phosphorus the “P” in NPK is crucial for top-quality flowering. If you are growing for flowers, or fruit which of course come from flowers, you should test different high phosphorus fertilizers to see which one works best for your plants.

For plant growth, high potassium the “K” in NPK is an all around good thing. I recommend you include potassium in all stages of plant growth. Moreover, it should most defiantly be used if you are producing seeds as part of a breeding program. I say this because in most plants K improves the health and vitality of seeds.

This semester I used Hammer Head in my greenhouse, the high P really increased flowering over non fertilized Coleus. I also noticed longer fuller flowering stems and increased flower formation with multiple flowers on a single stem. Many flowers that were not fertilized showed a second flush of blooms as I continued to water with Hammer Head; some plants even put out another flower stem. As all good growers know, too much is too much; I followed the directions and gave each plant/container the same amount of fertilizer. As always you should read the instructions of each product the first time you use it and then try to “tweak” it to your particular plants over time.

Good Growing
Dr. E. R. Myers

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