The Right Depth for Planting Seeds

Depending on where you live, you may already have your plants in the ground, but it not too late to start a few more seeds for your outdoor garden, and there are 365 days of good weather for we indoor growers.
If you are growing something like corn or beans that have a larger seed, you will want to put it 1\4 to \2 of an inch below the soil.  Always read the directions, I am surprised how many people fail to just read the directions on the seeds they by.  You want to be consistent with all your seeds (see my post on scientific tests).  To help with consistency you could use a pen or most anything that is stick like to put holes in your grow medium (I am using a mostly soil with some perlite/vermiculite mixed in here). Click here to see my test for the best medium for seed germination

Simply measure the distance on the pen, wrap some tape around the pen at that distance and you have a handy tool to make consistent holes so that all your seeds will start off at the optimal spot.

Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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