How to Use Beneficial Products for Optimal Results

When you add beneficial organisms you are altering the rhizosphere. You want to increase the number of organisms that benefit your plants growth, but to do this you need to get the microorganisms to the rhizosphere.
Make sure you saturate the soil completely. You would be wasting the product if you just water the top of the soil and the organisms cannot get in contact with the plant roots. Also, do not over water, you want the water/product to come in contact with the plant roots, but not sit in the trays under your pots.
Using Beneficial’s can mean more nitrogen fixing bacteria, or more chelation chemicals that help with the absorption of nutrients with your plants or various fungal mycorrhizal species with help plants to absorb nutrients from the soil. I have personally tested and used the Roots Organics and Stump Tea sold by HTGSupply.com. If you have not used these products, I highly recommend doing a scientific test  .Use it on some plants and not others of the same type, and compare growth, yield flavor and color of your groups to see if there is a benefit. I know you will be happy you did.
Good Growing,
Dr. E.R. Myers

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