E-mail LED's and Clones/Cuttings

Hey I just placed a full order form you guys this morning and can’t wait till it gets here! I was wondering, can I use the 120w LED Starship during the cloning phase or should I use something else?.


I have posted on the blog about using LED’s for seedlings and flowering.   I have had good success with LED’s for, cloning, vegetative and flowering. One word of caution however, I have had quite a few people write about how the LED”s have burnt their plants. These people used the LED's incorrectly and had them a few inches above their plants.  See my post on light height. This ‘burnt plant’ problem is not due to heat but from light intensity actually. The LED’s from HTGSupply.com are so intense they can cause the plant pigments to become overwhelmed with light. This will stop photosynthesis and can destroy plant tissue. I would not recommend an LED be closer than one foot above plants and maybe even two feet depending on the plants you are growing. With clones, I would actually recommend keeping the LED three feet above the plants. I say this because with clones, you want a lower light source since they lack roots and an intense light will cause the cuts to use up water in their cells to do photosynthesis. With cuttings you want to have a warm, humid environment and a low light source to maximize success.

Good Growing,
Dr .E.R. Myers

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