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I just wrote about expanding your indoor hobby outdoors.  I know like me, many gardeners grow both indoors and out.  I have to travel a lot during the summer and I have gardens in a couple of the places where I visit each summer.  This means sometimes I can only tend to my plants once a month.  Does anyone know ways to keep plants watered and fed over periods of time... like if you go on vacation for a week or more?  Maybe even advice for people like me that have to plant plants and leave them much of the summer until they are harvested when I come home.

I use compost, recycled potting soil mix from my indoor garden over the winter, vermiculite and other organic mixes like coir  in my garden to help plant roots hold water and this mixture helps plants through droughts as well.

I want to have a contest for the best answer to this question;
What is a trick you have successfully used to help keep you plants watered and/or supplied with nutrients for long periods of time?

Send your answer to me at askthedoctor@htgsupply.com The best answer(s) will be featured on the blog and you get a 10% off next purchse coupon from HTGSupply.com .  
(I have multiple coupons so runners up win as well.)

Good Growing,
Dr. E. R. Myers

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