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Hello Dr. Myers,
 Great web page.  I have a 5ft by 4ft closet what is the best way to control odor.
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Hello and thanks for your question.
I personally use a 4" carbon filter which will control any odor.  It is also awesome in that it cuts down on fungal spores which is the primary reason I use it. I have it sit on top of an upside down 5 gallon bucket so there is good air flow into the filter. This may take up a bit of space under you light, but it will be worth it for disease and odor control. Most other products simply mask any smell and do nothing to actually clean the air. In other words, without a carbon filter you are hiding your problem for a time and not solving your problem.  
To save space under the light and if your grow area is high enough you could build a shelf above the light to sit the filter on.  They are heavy so make sure it is a strong shelf that can support the weight.  A carbon filter should control any plant odors you are worried about.  I started to use it because some semesters my plants are hit by a leaf fungus. I noticed a SIGNIFICANT DECREASE in affected leaves on plants in the grow area with the filter while I had dead plants with yellow/necrotic leaves in another grow area that did not have a filter.

I think the 4" will be good for your room. You can just let it run in the room or do what I do, have a flexible dryer hose attached to the fan and blow the clean air over the tops of the plants directly at my HPS. This air flow keeps the plants from being stressed by the heat of the bulb by blowing/circulating the hot air around the room.  If you have a large wattage bulb and heat is a problem you could vent the hot air out of the room, it will be odorless and clean.

Good Growing,

Dr. E.R. Myers

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